This is how search engine marketing works

"SEM knowledge is essential to any business"

Search Specialist

Search Specialist is specialized in knowledge transfer in the field of search engine marketing, mainly focussed on search engine optimization. With this unique proposition we give you insight in this for many still mysterious world. We consult or educate your own people. You can keep working with your existing webmasters, programmers, copywriters and marketeers. When you are undermanned on one of these fields, Search Specialist has the partners to assit you wherever you need it.


Search engine marketing is achieving your marketing goals through search engines. Search Specialist helps you to efficiently use your resources to achieve those goals. Where others fail to reach the harder goals, Search Specialist repeatetly proves its added value.


Search engine marketing isn't hocus pocus, although some companies would like you to believe it is. Getting the required knowledge through the internet however has become hard because of the huge amount of clutter. Search Specialist shares all its knowledge and help you become an expert yourself.

Peter van der Graaf

If you've been active in SEM, you've probably heard this name before. Peter van der Graaf was already active in search back in the Altavista heydays and is founder of Search Specialist. Don't be satisfied with beginners, but hire the real expert!
Peter van der Graaf